Monday, November 03, 2008

Information for foreign visitors

My blog is dedicated to russian amputee wannabes and pretenders community. This is a place where I can express my desires, to explain (even for myself) why I want to become a disabled person. I am a member of several internet resources for wannabes, but it's not enough. I want to be able to communicate with such special people in my local area and in my native language.

I don't have enough time (neither will) to translate every article into some other language. But I know that a noticeable part of my blog readers are not Russian-speaking people from European countries and United States, and from time to time I'm receiving emails asking to explain the matter of one or another post.

Unfortunately, only a few visitors know about great translating tool from google, that will help you to read my blog in almost any language you like. Sure, this is only an automatic translation, so the result can be a bit funny sometimes, but in general everything is quite clear, and it's better that nothing. Here it is: google language tools. The third subheader on that page is «Translate a web page». Just copy and paste the address of the page of my blog you want to translate (or the main page: from your browser address bar into the text box with «http://» letters, choose «Russian» as original page language from the first list and your own language from the second, and push «Translate» button. That's all! Pretty easy!

For example, look at direct links to the translated version of my blog:

Hope you will find this service usefull. BTW, you can feel free to leave your comments for every post in any language!

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